Phillipa is an established yoga teacher . First introduced to Iyengar yoga over twenty four years ago by senior teacher Elizabeth Connolly. She was then lucky enough to become a regular student of John Scott (Ashtanga yoga) in 1998 it was then that yoga became her life and took her to spend the winters from 2001 to 2006 living, studying and teaching in India .

She was a senior teacher at Purple Valley /Brahmani Yoga Goa and eventually taught on their annual teacher training programs .On her yoga path ,she has studied intensively with most of the highly regarded teachers in the world in both the Ashtanga and Iyengar lineage, who have had a big influence in her style of teaching.

Her teaching style is based around her own experience of yoga, teaching a steady ,flowing ,progressive practice with an awareness on the breath linking the poses ,with the vinyasa system as its foundation, but also with a very strong emphasis on technique and alignment.

In her classes there is an encouragement to developing your own practice ,and inner awareness to find lightness and ease in the most challenging of postures .

Phillipa has also studied yoga philosophy,pranayama and meditation intensively in India following the Hatha yoga tradition. She is registered with the Yoga Alliance as an advanced teacher RYT 500 hours .

For the last twelve years she has been based in London and runs regular classes Ashtanga, Dynamic and more traditional Hatha Yoga classes, workshops and retreats .

She continues to feel gratitude for her teachers and the path she had been given.


Private Lessons

A private yoga session allows me to adjust the practice to work with your body ,to establish good alignment so you can progress at your own pace safely honouring any issues you maybe facing physically at that time ,or just to  work in a more balanced way to create strength and flexibility and develop the commitment for your own practice .Private tuition can be one to one ,couples or a small group .Booking via contact page.