We loved our stay in Begur with Phillipa. The days were so well balanced with early morning silent sitting looking over the hills and the sea, two great yoga classes with enough time in between to eat the delicious vegetarian food and relax and enjoy being in such a tranquil and inspiring landscape. Phillipa makes everyone feel at ease in the class and creates a wonderful space for absorbing her careful and insightful instruction. It was a treat to be in the hands of such an accomplished teacher for an extended period of time in a beautiful place. Ben Lederman Costa Brava Retreat September 2019

Phillipa is still the best yoga teacher we've ever had. We were lucky enough to have private lessons from Phillipa about 5+ years ago while we were in London and she still surpasses our expectations. The Villa where the retreat was located was excellent - very well appointed and great food. Sandra Costa Brava Retreat September 2019

The weekend surpassed my expectations. Loved the meditation and the yoga sessions it was the right amount and level for me. The food was varied, original and delicious. The setting was just perfect - quiet, with lovely grounds. The rooms were spacious, clean with fabulous bathrooms! There was a sense that Phillipa was making sure everyone’s needs were met both on and off the mat.  Ken Clarke Norfolk Retreat June 2019

This was my first yoga retreat and I would highly recommend on all levels. I have practiced yoga in the City and been to many of Phillipa's classes and the retreat exceeded my expectations, there was plenty of wonderful yoga - a very well balanced mix in terms of the different sessions whilst relaxing and challenging also! Having the time to try different poses and to really practice was really great. As far as the retreat location and experience - Phillipa and her partner really made this a special few days, it was well organised, whilst relaxing and the food was spectacular. The location was beautiful and we were fortunate to have sun and hot weather too. I would highly recommend Phillipa and this retreat as it was wonderful - I returned to London feeling 100% refreshed and revitalised and hope to be able to attend more of these in the future. Diane Betts Norfolk Retreat June 2019

Absolutely wonderful yoga weekend with Phillipa. It was the first time with her. I thoroughly enjoyed her super relaxed style and she made me feel very welcome in her class. It was hard work however Phillipa always encouraged you to work within your own ability. The food was amazing, truly delicious. A truly wonderful experience.. Marion Mitchell Norfolk Retreat June 2019

My husband and I attended Phillipa’s retreat in Norfolk. It was everything we expected and more. Phillipa’s knowledge and great teaching makes you feel at ease and safe. We learn’t a lot about how to make our future practices better, giving us confidence in what suits us best. The location was beautiful, warm and cosy. We absolutely recommend this retreat to anyone who wants to learn more about yoga. Emmanuelle and Amien Johaadien Norfolk Retreat November 2018

This was my second retreat with Phillipa in Norfolk and I couldn’t recommend it more! This was such a fantastic experience and a unique opportunity to take the time to focus on yourself, on your yoga practice and feel both relaxed and renergized - in the best location possible in the Norfolk countryside. Phillipa is a wonderful teacher, that really guides you through your practice, with a lot of advice and guidance so you feel comfortable, safe and can really progress and learn a lot! Phillipa’s knowledge, experience and her approach to yoga are so inspiring and so much to learn from. The classes are varied with different focus each time, so you can deepen your practice, take more time on the poses and ask questions. The Chef, made the retreat even better with the most delicious vegetarian food, so we felt so well taken care of! An amazing experience that I can’t wait to do again. Claire Laine Norfolk Retreat November 2018

I couldn't recommend more to join Phillipa in this Greece Retreat.  Amazing venue, amazing hospitality and amazing yoga. Phillipa and Tadashi spoiled us. From the morning meditation and practice immersed in the breeze of the Greek sea, to the delicious brunches and dinners spent together looking at the sun vanishing behind the mountains, everything has been perfect. But most of all, it has been an empowering and enriching experience. Phillipa is an inspiring person and passionate teacher. Her "students" are all beautiful people too. It started as a retreat and ended as a holiday with friends.    Lavinia Chiodi Daelli   Greece Retreat June 2018

My first ever yoga retreat - and couldn’t of been better. Cliched to say, but the week gave me chance to deepen my practice. I came back feeling a greater sense of ease in poses that I’ve been doing for years. I believe Phillipa helped me access greater flexibility and awareness over the 7 days of pretty intense practice. Phillipa’s expertise, adjustments and sequencing, plus the absolute perfection that was breakfast & dinner (will never forget the homemade tofu cheesecake!), and the most charming sea view accommodation. All a cut above the rest. Not to mention the location, ideally remote and peaceful, calm sea, epic sunsets. Plus many insightful & fun chats with Phillipa!      Sean Patrick  Greece Retreat June 2018

Phillipa's retreat in Greece in June 2018 was just pure moment of bliss! The house is beautiful and the locations incredible, right on the sea with a beach and private access and a very nice swimming pool. The yoga sessions were intense yet diverse : Ashtanga, Vinyasa flow, Iyengar also some restorative and breathing exercises...The food prepared by the chef was simply delicious. Everything is so well organised, it was just perfect!      Virginie Syn   Greece Retreat June 2018

Fantastic weekend away! The retreat was invigorating, relaxing and intensely refreshing. It enabled me to switch off from everyday stressors of life and to focus on my own health and wellbeing. Phillipa's teaching is always inspiring and very well structured. The venue is amazing and the food absolutely delicious!! Thankyou very much Phillipa and Tadashi and i am looking forward to coming back again!   Kira Trit   Norfolk Retreat 2-4th March 2018

Thankyou for the wonderful retreat; I really enjoyed the venue and the yoga classes. The food that our professional chef cooked was just right-fresh,warming and uplifting at the same time. Everything ran very smoothly, a wonderful weekend indeed. Very happy.        Assia D    Norfolk Retreat 2-4th March 2018

I'm grateful to have been able to come to this wonderful retreat again in this beautiful location. Phillipa creates an environment of calm, focus and support which encourages me to push my practice to the best of my ability. She is precise in her instruction and offers specific advice for each student which is appreciated. Great accommodation, lovely group of people and unforgettable food! It's been an absolutely fantastic weekend – thank you! So happy that I came. I look forward to the next time.   Susen Vural  Norfolk Retreat 3-5th November 2017

Yoga Weekend in Norfolk - loved the yoga, the food, the property and the of course the teacher! The weekend gave me the rare opportunity to focus on yoga and surround myself with like-minded people with a genuine passion for yoga too. Practicing yoga was fantastic but having the opportunity to talk about it with other people including Phillipa and hearing other peoples' experiences with yoga is invaluable. I couldn't recommend it more. It helped that the food was incredible too!  I was very happy !   Bina Patel   Norfolk Retreat 3-5th November 2017

The weekend yoga retreat was truly beyond my expectations. Place was very beautiful, food was amazing and yoga with Phillipa is always a great practice.I have learned so much new stuff for my yoga practice.    Judith Legaspi     Norfolk Retreat November 3-5th 2017

 It was such a great retreat and I could learn from you not only the physical practice but also your policy and mind to yoga based on your professionalism .Thank you very much to include many practice requests from me. Actually I was very happy.     Yoshiko Hino    Greece Retreat 2-9th June 2017

 I really enjoyed the retreat. The accommodation was stunning. The food was truly delicious and its presentation was beautiful,and the yoga was excellent. Having recently had a knee replacement I was anxious that I wouldn't keep up with the practice but Phillipa was always able to offer me alternatives to accommodate the physical restrictions I had and her method of teaching was always thoughtful and supportive. A very positive experience.    Sue Stephenson  Greece Retreat 2-9th June 2017

This was my first yoga retreat and i throughly enjoyed it ! Our yoga classes ,spectacular vegetarian food,the lovely room and bathroom,the wood fire,the birdsong,the friendly company all contributed to a rejuvenating and inspiring weekend . I feel very fortunate to have Phillipa as my yoga teacher . She is clear,focused,articulate and compassionate person . Her instructions are precise and methodical which really motivates me towards building a greater understanding of my mind & body throughout my practice.  I look forward to the next retreat !.  Susen Vural  Norfolk  Retreat March 3-5th 2017

I really enjoyed spending more time with Phillipa and being able to ask questions relevant to my practice and i am grateful for her time ,knowledge and amazing teaching which is a fundamental contribution to my yoga journey. I really enjoyed having different sessions where we broadened and focused on different subjects .I really enjoy Phillipas style of teaching ,wisdom and energy and i look forward to joining her on another retreat soon! Thankyou Phillipa and a massive thank you to your Chef/husband too the food was simply delicious.  Victoria Recchi      Norfolk Retreat 3-5th March 2017  

Phillipa is a very down to earth teacher who is very approachable .It was great to deepen my practice and learn new postures outside of the Ashtanga sequence .The venue and location fantastic ,an ideal place to relax,rejuvenate and reflect . In addition the food was delicious and nourishing and Phillipa catered very well for everyones needs .I would highly recommend her retreats and will definitely attend another one soon.  Avanti Davroux      Norfolk Retreat March 3-5th 2017

I loved Phillipa's classes ,i felt inspired and challenged and i felt Phillipa's guidence has hugely improved my practice . The retreat was exceptional and i hope i can come to another one soon ! Thankyou .   Lavinia Harrington     Norfolk Retreat 3-5th March 2017

Practice with Phillipa outside of London in a lovely rural environment is immensely peaceful and restorative , it reminds you why you love your practice . Phillipa's sessions on hip openers ,inversions etc are fantastic and real experience and knowledge is imparted . The Chef is brilliant ,beautifully prepared ,healthy food full of flavour and variety .The perfect combination .  Thankyou both !       Freya Stewart    Norfolk Retreat  March 3-5th 2017

My first ever yoga retreat and i loved every minute ! Such a wonderfully peaceful break .I absolutely love Phillipa and her teaching methods .She has so much experience and so much to give .The food and the venue were both amazing .Namaste.xx    Deborah Russo  Norfolk Retreat March 3-5th 2017

Phillipa is a great teacher ! She is very knowledgable in Ashtanga and Iyengar and i very much enjoyed our conversations . She accommodated everyones level of yoga and i was able to deepen my practice . I had a relaxing and lovely time . The food was amazing, location and villa beautiful. I highly recommend any retreat by Phillipa!   Sophie Schreiber   Ibiza Retreat 10-17th September 2016

The yoga week with Phillipa as a teacher was a great experience ! Even with the language challenge , as i speak German, was able to benefit greatly from this week . Phillipa can very well pick up on each one and design a lesson that everyone can benefit from on their level .I appreciated Phillipa's demanding yet very sensitive style of teaching and would recommend her as a yoga teacher immediately .    Rahel Rosti   Ibiza Retreat 10-17th September 2016

Phillipa is a fantastic teacher ! She managed to teach everyone,various levels of yoga , with such ease and patience . The location was stunning ,very peaceful and calming . The accommodation was amazing ! The food was delicious. I returned back home very relaxed and energised .i can highly recommend any future retreats with Phillipa .The whole experience was simply enjoyable!   Zuzana Ivanocova   Ibiza Retreat 10-17th September 2016

 I loved the yoga ,Phillipa knows the practice inside out ,she has complete understanding of alignment in the postures which from my experience is rare .This means you can move much further in the postures .The house was beautiful and very old .We had a vegetarian cook who created great tasting food .Phillipa is a strong teacher and a thoughtful and encouraging host .Overall i feel energised ,refreshed and a little transformed for the better, a great experience.      Katie Lindsay   Ibiza Retreat 10-17th September 2016

"Phillipa is very approachable and kind teacher,she guides her classes with precise remarks that are spot on and with humour. She makes you feel at ease and encourages you to take your time,reassuring you that things will come with time. Phillipa was very open to our wishes making sure everyone got from the practice what they were looking for and created a very safe environment to improve and experiment with new positions ,i will definitely look to come back to one of her retreats and would recommend this to anyone who wants to deepen there practice,share their love of yoga and enjoy delicious healthy food"             Marloes Kompier ...Norfolk Retreat 17-19th June 2016

"It was perfect ,lovely weekend of yoga ,food and chat Phillipa ,Thank you "       Bel Batchelor...    Norfolk Retreat 17-19th June 2016

Being fairly new to yoga i really didn't know what to expect ,but it was one of the most enjoyable weekends I've ever had ! The yoga instruction was excellent and i learn't so much .The food was incredible and the setting perfect .I felt like i had been away for a week ,absolute heaven.         Ruth Turnbull    Norfolk Retreat 17th-19th June 2016

Outstanding weekend away. The venue was tasteful ,great size for the group and a lovely location .Phillipa constructed a mixed yoga programme which challenged but also energised .It was a great balance between activity and relaxation the environment allowed a chance to truly escape .Accompanied by fantastic ,fresh food it was all in all a wholesome ,rejuvenating weekend .Restored my yoga practice .Thanks Phillipa !            Zoe Baker   Norfolk Retreat  17th-19th June 2016

 Wonderful venue,peaceful and beautiful .Phillipa is a wonderful teacher ,inspiring and knowledgable ,i learnt so much over the weekend .Fabulous food,i couldn't fault any aspect of the retreat .Loved every second !            Alice Heather-Hayes   Norfolk Retreat 17-19th June 2016

"Phillipa was able to accommodate everyone's yoga level and progressed slowly throughout the week and each of us had progressed in one way or the other-she was very open and easy going ,fun to have around. Can't wait to go back with Phillipa and most probably back to Santa Maria del Sole"      Peter Carey  Italy Retreat

"Phillipa is wonderful -she offers a wealth of knowledge in both Ashtanga and Iyenger but is very non-dogmatic and unpretentious in the way she teaches .A joy to learn from her."   Catherine Payerdelle    Italy Retreat

"Phillipa made the holiday ;she is not only an amazing and so very knowledgable teacher ,she has a special aura ,kindness and energy ,and makes everyone smile and feel good ! She was very flexible and made everyone very happy ".      Vanessa Ryan   Italy Retreat

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